Firebase Tutorial 1 – Updating Payment

Often we start a new client project by adding my own payment method to Firebase. A payment method is required to use some advanced features in the project such as enabling a public API. Once the project is delivered you as a customer is required to enter your payment method to continue to use these required features.

Signing in Firebase

To continue with signing in into your Firebase account you need your credentials. Often we create a new Google and Gmail account for you and then communicating the email and password to you. Double check our email conversations for this information. It should be a @gmail.com address and a password. If not found, contact us.

Go to https://console.firebase.google.com/

There, sign in with your credentials provided by us. If you cannot see your project here you may be signed in with a previous account. Make sure you are signed in into the right account. Use the top right corner button to see or change this.

If no project is found, click top right icon to sign in into the right account

Click on your project

Go to Payment options

Here you click on the top left ”Settings wheel” and select ”Usage and Billing”

Then select ”Details and settings”

Here you can see your current billing account, which you be one of ours.

Click on ”View account”

Change Payment

Now you should change ”billing account” to one of your own. Do not modify the existing ”billing account” but instead create one of your own.

Click the current ”Billing account” and then ”MANAGE BILLING ACCOUNTS”

It should now look something like this:

Click ”CREATE ACCOUNT” to continue. Now you should see this:

Give it a name. Preferably add your company name here to distinguish it from ours. Select country and then ”CONTINUE”.

Next you’ll see a view like this (but without as many existing profiles):

Click ”Create payments profile” to continue. Here this guide will skip a bit ahead. Fill in all the required address fields and enter a credit card to pay from.

If you get stuck here email us at [email protected]

Last step

Go back to your browser tab for Firebase. Go to the ”Usage and billing” > ”Details and settings”.

Here you now should be able to change to your newly created billing account. If not, get in touch with us at [email protected]

If you cannot see your newly created account here try to reload the page.